Director Message

Mr. Loh Soo Chuan, DIRECTOR

Welcome to our website, with information about Guilford Training Centre.  Here you can browse through our courses, find out how to join us, and also learn more about the professional hospitality trainings.

Proper education, training and formal certification are now increasingly important aspects to professionals entering the hospitality industry, and organizations now place emphasis on these as hiring criteria.

Guilford is all about equipping students to enter the industry with the right skills and qualifications. Equally important is our strategy to develop industry-based training systems which provide the same opportunity for current employees.

To date, Guilford has successfully educated and certified thousands of students. Many of these are now successful and thriving professionals in the international hospitality setting; testimony to the quality and effectiveness of Guilford’s education program.

Guilford believes in providing an all-rounded education for the students. Fostering versatility can only be of benefit to one in today's competitive environment.

The school's vision embodies our dedication to faithfully and successfully serve all our partners.